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  1. Hi,
    Im not too sure, if you are still checking this blog or you have moved on and put this traumatic experience in a small draw in your head. I wouldn’t blame you, that’s what Im trying to do at the moment.
    I had a devastating experience last year (Jan, 11th, 2014) and only now Im slowly, very slowly coming out of it. I had only 1 IPL done by a spa beautician, in Australia. Since then I have been to few dermatologists here in Europe (we moved to Barcelona shortly after the procedure) but it seems like I have been fighting with wind mills. According to them it wasn’t the IPL which did dents in my skin, sagged my face and neck, made my eyes droopy, and stretched nerve on my neck but the sun!…I felt like screaming many, many times, I felt like an invisible idiot. No one listed to me when I was telling them that it is a result of the heat from IPL.. I was 38 at the time of the procedure and last year was life changing and awfully tough on me and my family…I am not myself still, and wonder if I ever will be, if I ever be able to happily laugh…
    I had all the symptoms many people experienced and maybe even more. The list is so long…Happy to send you my photos…I am feeling a bit better now (Im passed my depression & extreme anxiety, although I have low days every now and then, I just crush and hide)…Would love to read the reports you listed above…Im still trying to find answers, I can’t seem to be in peace until I find what I am looking for…
    Im still kicking myself I haven’t spent months researching the IPL procedure before hand….Many thanks in advance, Eliza

    • I’m sorry for what you are going though. It’s not fun. If you can go to doctors showing good before and after photos they are more likely to pay attention I’ve learned. Sure I would check out your photos. I totally understand how people don’t understand the damage. Do you know what machine they used on you? Some of the IPL machines have radiofrequency which causes a whole other level of damage as it is capable of penetrating very deeply.

      • Hi,

        I had Thermage CPT one time on my face, neck and under eyes. My face is literally disintegrating week by week and my eyes are crooked now, meaning one looks off to the side a little now. It has damaged the muscles and fat. No doctors I have seen will write anything to the effect that they see the damage so I can go after the manufacturer. I’m in such shock that this is happening and no doctor will help me. I started noticing problems the same day and the damage started happening at high speed at Month 6 post treatment. Now at 10 months post, my face doesent even resemble me any more. I paid hundreds of dollars for second opinion consults just to hear there’s nothing they can do. My husband is tired of hearing about it and doesn’t want me to spend more money on consults, but I can’t let it go because every 3-4 days it’s worse.

        Your blog is great for revealing this ridiculously destructive treatment. All of them, IPL, radio frequency, etc., Thank you. I can only pray I will find repair help soon, reading this has already helped me see I am not going crazy.

        • Radiofrequency is that technology where they cannot control how deeply it penetrates it seems and is the most destructive. I’m sorry you are going through this.

  2. You’re not going crazy!! I’ve had a similar experience although with an at home TRIA Age Defy laser. How could I ever have imagine that it would be strong enough, especially since I only used it 8-10 times over a 2 week period.
    The most horrifying part is that is slowly, like you say disintegrating my face. It just keeps shrinking even after 16 months. I beg it everyday to stop. I’ve had to go to therapy only to be told that I have body dismorphic disorder, even though the therapist acknowledged that my face is much thinner pics from before. I think they just can’t comprehend it or believe that lasers are capable of doing this kind of damage. It’s like waking up in a nightmare everyday. I still try to believe that there can be healing. I’ve scoured the internet and found a few instance of people saying that they had improvement a few years out.

  3. I used the Norlaynia dot matrix on Amazon. I used it a maximum of three times as per instructions. I have been left with horrible sunken temples and ugly depressions right up to and above my eyebrow and my forehead looks so strange and skull like. This has xd estates my life to the point I don’t want to even be here. If anyone has any answers please help

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